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Welcome to my blog.  I'm excited to share all kinds of things with you.  And I trust you'll keep the conversation going as we talk about heath, meditation, and yoga. I look forward to our sharing spiritual, physical and quantum physics questions.  
Today I'd love you to give me an updated e-mail with your name on my website and you will receive my 7 tips to de-stress.  It will be like a treasure hunt. You’ll get a de-stressor every three days. I have used all of them at one time or another, and offer them to you to see how they work for you. Also, take a look at Dr. David Simon’s article from Chopra Center's newsletter, “Agni”, about entering into this season of the year.  De-stress is something we can work on "doing" as well as "being" in rhythm with ourselves, our lives, the time of day, and the season of the year.  See what David has to say about the rhythm of this time of year as one of rest and renewal.  
I’ve been in Southern California for the last 9 months, it turns out, to accomplish and finish up (or begin) in three basic areas of my life. I describe them in the website. I invite your comments and questions.

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