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Azima Angel Love


"The Power of transformation that the angelic realm can provide is immense.  In her darkest hour Azima was blessed with their touch and transcendence through these songs."

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Mary Azima French brings her own chants and ancient North Indian Chants to life with traditional Indian music accompanied with Native American Flute, cello, and dulcimer. These resonances were designed to awaken and release the divine essence within.

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"I have listened to Inflammation-Free for a short period of time and was happily surprised at the relief it gave me. I have been going to physical therapy for Carpel tunnel. I needed to take pain medication each night to get to sleep, plus again more medication to return to sleep. The relief came quickly and with so little effort.

All I had to do was turn on this CD Inflammation-Free and listen.

I still am practicing the physical therapy to help keep my hand flexible, but I no longer need to take medication at night…..Thank you so much for this fantastic tool."

Sincerely, Patricia Frost

An innovative audio CD experience creates states of relaxation while it addresses inflammation that is at the root of aging, degenerative diseases, and stress.

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Harmonic Energy Balancing

Harmonic Energy Balancing is using modern technology to access the benefits of what is referred to as a prayer wheel. The prayer wheel is used as a powerful tool of sending blessings and prayers for healing as well as many other intentions. This technology works with a full length photo of the person requesting balancing. It bathes your picture with vibrations that first clear and then balance your energy field as it subtly reduces stress. If interested call 203-643-8033 or e-mail:


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